Ablame” LLC began to operate as a branch of the “Prant” company. The company’s field of activity is to serve the foreign companies and their employees in the real estate rental housing and the object area. During its activity the company is based on the principle of individual approach to each customer.According to the company more recognizable by foreign countries our company decided to expand the scope of its activities and by cooperation with foreign companies introduce Azerbaijan at the abroad. And as a result, our company decided to place products which is in the face of Azerbaijan on Dealshaker platform and by this way develop its economy, and also to introduce its products abroad.

What is dealshaker platform?

It is an advertising platform, that promotes your deals on products and services you wish sell. Deals will be promoted to more than 3 million active users from 204 countries all around the world.
You can sell as registered business/company or sell as yourself (individual seller) and every merchant can sell hers/his products at a discount or at full price. Also it provides the opportunity to shop for services and products in your area. You can promote services, products, travel, home and auto, entertainment.

DealShaker is another step in line with the company’s vision to create a mass market for OneCoin and to become the biggest cryptocurrency in terms of number of users and market capitalization. The purpose of the DealShaker is to serve as an e-commerce hub, making customer-to-customer and business-to-customer deal promotions easier and more accessible for everyone. By subscribing to DealShaker all users become part of a global Network, where everyone can register a merchant profile and start offering deals. The registered merchants can promote and sell deal coupons for their offers, which will be sent to the client electronically once payment is made.
By joining DealShaker, merchants become part of the OneLife Network and get access not only to the OneLife’s Network user base of 3 million people but also give your business the possibility to advertise your product to a wider audience and make your product known worldwide. Joining the DealShaker is simple and easy.